We Got Married Season 3 Over


Honestly, I really do not want to post this. I hate WGM PD!!!! The season 3 couples (Kang InYoon Ji, Shin Sung RokKim Shin Young, Tae YeonJun Hyung Dong, Jun Jinlee Shi young) are getting more popular and more interesting esp KangJi and JunYoung. Why It has to be over???

The production team explained, “As this was a sudden decision, we are still in the process of selecting the new couples. The new couples will be formed on the basis of being able to give an accurate portrayal of married life just like in reality. We are trying for a real marriage concept instead of a make-believe one.”

I hope they will continue this programm with a lot more cool couples like the first season.


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Sung Min’s Magic Talent at Star King

If you are a true elf, you have to watch this video. I cannot stop laughing. I envy that girl T_T

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Lee Teuk Has White Syndrome

Lee Teuk revealed some secret in variety MBC Let Me Sleep Here Tonight.

Lee Teuk revealed his fetish for the color white. Yep, he has a “White syndrome.” His dorm bed, desk, clothes, and even underwear is white. He also revealed, “I have to wear white socks, and if my clothes don’t have white on them, I get nervous.” He also went on to say that if his stage outfits didn’t have any white on them, he would have to wear either white underwear or accessories to feel comforted. I know that it must be hard to think of something original once you’ve gone on lots of variety programs, but really? White syndrome? Next thing you know, Hee Chul will admit to having “Kissing Boys syndrome.” ..But we already knew that.

On the other hand, he did reveal a more serious confession about his fellow Super Junior member, Dong Hae. “I don’t know if Dong Hae knows this, but before we debut, we ate with his parents. Dong Hae‘s father told me, “Thank You,” and held my hand and told me, “Watch over Dong Hae till the end for me.” Donghae, who was touched by his father’s words, started tearing. For those of you who didn’t know, Donghae‘s father passed away in 2006 due to a chronic illness.


credit : swetitude

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Girl’s Generation Dancing With Harvard Law Student

They are dancing Gee together on March 26th. Here is the pic.



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Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon New House

If you have been following MBC We Got Married Season 3, among the 4 couples, only Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon does not have a home of their own. Just a rundown, JunJin lives in Si Young‘s home, Kangin Lee Yoon Ji rents a cheap apartment while Shin Sung Rok lives in Shin Young‘s house. But for Hyung DonTae Yeon, things are about to change for them.

According to the producers of We Got Married, “Tae Yeon and Hyung Don wanted to become neighbours with Shin Sung RokKim Shin Young. This was especially after they (Tae Yeon and Hyung Don) had visited their home after the game events and were very satisified with the general outlook. Tae Yeon and Hyung Don thus expressed their wish to find a home around the area and thus they moved into their new home above theirs. Hyung Don had conceded a lot of ground with regards to the design of their new home to Tae Yeon and the whole concept will be unveiled on 29th March (the 22nd March episode will be about Hyung Don flying to Thailand as the “manager” of Girls’ Generation).

But ahead of the unveiling on 29th March, pictures of their new home have been uploaded with many commenting on how interesting it looked and the overall pinkish color concept being adopted for the whole home. The following are pictures of their newly-wed home.

20090321_taeyeon_120090321_taeyeon_220090321_taeyeon_320090321_taeyeon_520090321_taeyeon_4120090321_taeyeon_620090321_taeyeon_7It is really cute. I really want to have a house like it.

credit : coolsmurf

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Super Junior Comeback Teaser MV


They will have their comeback stage at March 12th on KBS Music Bank. Here’s the teaser ofย  Sorry Sorry.

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Boys over Flowers Boys in Anycall Haptic CF


Boys Over Flowers stars Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon (or F3) are the new spokespersons for Samsung’s Anycall Haptic. The boys are modeling for their new line of phones called “Pop.” Anycall Haptic usually gets the most popular stars of the time to star in their CF’s and Boys Over Flowers is a very hot item right now. I don’t know why overnight sensation Lee Min Ho wasn’t included though? Check out the videos and pictures below.






Credits: KPOPJJANG and hoonfamily.

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Thailandโ€™s Top 20 Cutest Korean Celebrities


According to TVXQfever and TVXQbaidu, Thailand’s selection of the Top 20 Cutest Korean Male Celebrities are:

1. ้‡‘่ดค้‡ Kim Hyun Joong
2. ่ตตไปๆˆ Jo In Sung
3. ๆŽๆฐ‘ๆตฉ Lee Min Ho
4. ๅผ ๆ น้”ก Jang Geun Suk
5. ้ƒ‘ๆ—ฅๅฎ‡ Jeong Il Woo
6. ๅผ ไธœๅฅ Jang Dong Geun
7. ้‡‘่Œƒ Kim Bum
8. ๅงœไธœๅ…ƒ Kang Dong Won
9. Nich Khun
10 .้‡‘ๅ…ƒไฟŠ Kim Won Jun
11. ้‡‘ๅฝ—ๆ˜Ÿ Kim Hye Sung
12. ้‡‘ๅธŒๆพˆ Kim Hee Chul
13. ๆŽไฟŠๅŸบ Lee Jun Ki
14. ้‡‘ๅœจไธญ Kim Jae Joong
15. ๅ…ƒๅฝฌ Won Bin
16. ้‡‘ๅœจไฝ‘ Kim Jae Wook
17. ๆŽๅผ˜ๅŸบ Lee Hong Ki
18. ๆœดๆ—ถๅŽš Park Shi Woo
19. ๆŽๆณฐๆฐ‘ Lee Tae Min
20. ๆŽ่ƒœๅŸบ Lee Seung Gi

I am so glad that Lee Seung Gi made it. even though he is number 20, it is still great though. The appearance ofย  Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum on the list proves that Boys Before Flowers becomes a hit in Thailand.

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Lee Seung Gi Graduates


On the day where he received his degree and became an university graduate, singer Lee Seung Gi (22) also took the chance to reveal to the media his plans for the year.

The graduation ceremony to award students with their degrees took place this morning at 11am at the main hall of Dongguk University. After the conclusion of the ceremony, Lee Seung Gi revealed to the waiting media, “I will soon be appearing in a drama.”

20090220_seunggi_1The words straight from Seung Gi‘s mouth has more or less confirmed that he is indeed taking on the leading role for SBS weekend drama Life is Beautiful, starring opposite actress Han Hyo Joo. The premiere will be on 18th April and is the follow-up drama to Family’s Honor. This will be his comeback drama in 3 years after his last drama, Famous Princesses in 2006. Seung Gi also has plans to release an album this year and hopes that fans will continue to support him. No mention was made about his variety show 1 Night 2 Days so it’s likely that he will continue to remain on the show while filming his drama.

Lee Seung Gi had enrolled in 2005 in Dongguk University, majoring in International Trade and Commerce. Unlike other celebrity stars, he took the normal path of graduating in 4 years, handling both his entertainment career and studies simulataneously and without suspending his studies even once. Seung Gi was also awarded the excellence PR award on this day.


credit : coolsmurf

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Lee Seung Gi Max CF


The concept for this commercial was titled, “You know it’s a delicious tasting beer just by looking at the color”. The commercial sees them decide between Max Beer and another competing brand just by looking at their colors, with Sun Ah picking the vibrant looking color of the earlier. The graduates also did a dorky looking beer dance (which was cute and funny btw) without any expressions on their faces through this short commercial.


Although Seung Gi and Sun Ah only met for the first time while filming for this commercial, but their natural couple acting showcased their professionalism. It was reported that they apparently got along so well that after filming had ended, their relationship had already progressed to the stage where they could have become sworn siblings!


Seung Gi‘s destiny with older women continues to rage even now. Probably just a coincidence. Both Kim Sun Ah and Lee Seung Gi who had just graduated from their respective universities last week had filmed a commercial for Max Beer recently. Jang Dong Gun been in the last 6 Max Beer commercials plus Crown J who appeared in one with him. But for the 7th commercial, Sun Ah and Seung Gi was picked instead.

credit : coolsmurf

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