Boys over Flowers Boys in Anycall Haptic CF


Boys Over Flowers stars Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon (or F3) are the new spokespersons for Samsung’s Anycall Haptic. The boys are modeling for their new line of phones called “Pop.” Anycall Haptic usually gets the most popular stars of the time to star in their CF’s and Boys Over Flowers is a very hot item right now. I don’t know why overnight sensation Lee Min Ho wasn’t included though? Check out the videos and pictures below.






Credits: KPOPJJANG and hoonfamily.

Winnie 😀


March 6, 2009. Tags: , , , . Boys Before Flowers, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon.


  1. Zohra A. replied:

    They are sooo cute! I’m obsessed with this show and I JUST started watching it two days ago! lol

  2. Dee replied:

    gosh they are so adorable!

  3. jolina joyce replied:

    hello kim sang bum

    i like your killer smile

    and your very handsome

  4. mary joy replied:

    cute nyo talaga i larb it

  5. Kathy☺micky replied:

    iloveyou boys flowers

  6. fasha replied:


  7. mara and nina replied:

    hello Im one of your fans here in Philippines I Hope we can meet in person i really love the F4 i love you..

  8. gwen deriada replied:

    Sorry because I dont have any email when i watch its so very romentic I am juat a kid but i love u can i get your number of the f4 and the birthday of the f4 thank you

  9. Benjaporn Ng replied:

    i like hyun joong more ><

  10. kat replied:

    I love you!!!

  11. kat replied:

    even if so hard to pronounce ur names!!!i still love you guys!!!hope to meet and kiss u all in person!!!hehehe.please !!!

  12. celinegarcia replied:

    grabe ang cute nila lahat!!!!!!!!!!!!! kinikilig ako!!!<3 sna may pilipino version nyan!!buti n lng wla si jun pyo.. 😛 ang cute ni ji hoo,yi jeong and woo bin!!!!!!!!

  13. claudia camille replied:

    good thing no jun pyo… I love you all with out jun pyo!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! sana merong philippine version!!!! >.< NO JUN PYO!! ahah (lol) 😛 😛

  14. ajie replied:

    wahaha…grabeh kapowl..anyweiz, i like all your styles..

  15. mikki replied:

    i liked their looks nga nman at ang cute pa nilang tatlo….. sana nman ay meron tayong Pinoy version o yng tinatawag na Pinoy F4 dba???????

  16. aMiE replied:


    i VeRY LikE YoU ………..

  17. melanie replied:


  18. lachica replied:

    happy brithday,lee min hoo….
    i do pray you,wish you all the best!

  19. steph replied:

    omg all of u is so cute i wish i meet u someday,,,,,,can u be my gf hahahaha…love u so much

  20. steph replied:

    omg all of u is so cute i wish i meet u someday,,,,,,can u be my boyfriend hahahaha…love u so much

  21. steph replied:

    omg all of u is so cute i wish i meet u someday,,,,,,can u be my boyfriend hahahaha…love u so much

  22. minjoongie replied:

    CUTE and adorable…
    kim hyun joong, kim sang bum, and kim hyung joon they’re great but without lee min ho they’re not perfect T.T
    where’s minho anyway?
    Didn’t he receive an offer to take a haptic part?

  23. chai replied:

    ♥♥i lovE You f4,.The BEST TLGA KaYo.,.,.cuTe NYO,.,♥♥

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