My Youtube Channel

Hehehe. I just make my own youtube channel. What is my video about??? well SNSD of course. No, not all of it is about them. I have been taking vocal course for almost 4 years. So, I need public opinion to improve. Please help me through my training days. Thank you so much.

Me Singing Gee

Me Singing Honey

Me Singing If

Me Singing Can You Hear Me

Me Singing Dear Mom

Me Singing Kissing You

Me Singing Into The New World

Me Singing Baby Baby

Me Singing 8282

Me Singing Girl’s Generation



  1. Nique replied:

    hey there..(^_^)
    cool site..i jz heard u sing in those vids..turns out, u have nice voice..i like it when u sang the slow kinda song n even during the bridge and, u have to watch ur high pitch n the rhythm/beats of the song (cz i kinda notice that u often sang faster or sometimes slower than the original beats) bt, when u found the right beats, u sounded nice..i believe that if u follow n practise some vocal techniques, ull do much better..

    p/s: no heart feelings..its juz my opinion..:O) tc

    • Winnie The Pooh replied:

      Thanks 😀
      I really appreciate this. Well, my teacher also tell me I am bad at rhythm and I’ve been working it out but still I cannot solve it. Thanks for watching my video.

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