JYP Try To Find The Second Wonder Girls

When I watch Pops in Seoul today, I found out that JYP is having an audition or the next Wonder Girls. They said that this new group will debut on February… Hmm, I don’t think that this new group will be better than Wonder Girls because Wonder Girls is super freaking blast.

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Seung Ri, U-Know Yun Ho, Yoo Bin from the same primary school


Last new year, U-Know, Yoo Bin, Seung Ri visited their hometown at Gwanju separately. They found out that thay are from the same primary school.It is not the first time some celebrities are from the same school. But, the fact that they are members of famous idol group makes this news even hotter. Each have two year age different. From U-Know which born on 1986 then Yoo Bin on 1988 and Seung Ri on 1990.

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KBS, SBS, MBC 2008 Music Festival

From 29 until 31 December, SBS, KBS and MBC held year end music festival. Even though they use different concept and theme but almost all of the performers are the same. Wonder Girls, Jewelry, RAIN, Big Bang are some of the performers who perform on those three events.

Each Station willing to show the best event. So, their rating will become higher and they got millions of Won from the commercials. To get this result, they ask the performers to prepare something special to attract the audience. But, each performers only have one week for the preparation and they only can rehears on the venue at the date the event held.

Wonder Girls have to prepare 3 version of Nobody with unique choreography and costume. They also have to prepare for their collaboration with other performers. In the end, Wonder Girls only have 2-3 hours of sleeping at end of December.

My honest opinion is why don’t they merge it. I know they worry that they will get less income. But, why don’t they prolong it. I think watching 4-6 hours of music festival is okay as long as the performers are not boring. And our beloved one will not tired and sick.


SBS held their music festival at December 29, 2008 at Kintex, Ilsan.The MC are Dae Sung (Big Bang), Park Je Yin, and Lee Chun Hee. Because it is the first to held, the performers still look very fresh. TVXQ was on this event and not on KBS’s or MBC’s.

The most spectacular part is when Wonder Boys which consist Shin Dong and Sung Min (Super Junior), Seung Ri (Big Bang), Jo Kwin (2AM) and Tae Min (SHINee) sang Kissing You from SNSD and Nobody from Wonder Girls.

There is piano battle between Tae Yang and Xiah Jun Su. Tae Yang played Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J and Jun Su played My Everything – 98 degrees.

SBS Gayo Daejun got 12,1% rating for the first part and 11% for the second part.


They held it at December 30, 2008. They brought musical theme for this show. They got 15,5% rating. The highlight of this event is when Jewelry, Wonder Girls and Son Dam Bi sang Destiny’s Child’s and Madonna’s songs.

Singing Sunset Glow with Lee Mun Sae, Big Bang ended this event.


Last but not least, this event has dance battle between RAIN (student) and Park Jin Young (Teacher). Jin Young dance really prove that he is RAIN’S creator.

For me the most important part is when all members of SS501 performing Deja Vu. It’s been a long time not seeing them complete.

Then Wonder Girls and Big Bang have collaboration.

This event got the highest rating of 17%.

Winnie 😀

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