Winnie :D

Hi everyone! My name is Winnie 😀

I am a huge fan of Korean entertainment. So, this blog will be around Korea.

I am still lacking here and there because it is my first time having a blog. Sorry if my English was bad because I am still learning it.

For someone who can teach me about blogging please contanct me at

I will appruciate your judgement about my blog!

ansolPlease visit my youtube channel ( and comment please. I appreciate it.



  1. sujuluvxox replied:

    hehhehehe WOOOHHHH KPOP MUSICCC!!!

    umm..i need help whenever i try to make an account on wordpress it is soo slow…and do you have to dwnload it??
    or do you think my computer is stuffed..everything works except trying to sign up….

  2. Winnie The Pooh replied:

    You don’t have to download anything to have an account on wordpress…
    I think maybe your blog address has already occupied by someone else or you have internet conection problem (when you confirm your status, your conection suddenly off and the data wont sent). It often happened to me long time ago then I change my internet provider

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