Lee Seung Gi Graduates


On the day where he received his degree and became an university graduate, singer Lee Seung Gi (22) also took the chance to reveal to the media his plans for the year.

The graduation ceremony to award students with their degrees took place this morning at 11am at the main hall of Dongguk University. After the conclusion of the ceremony, Lee Seung Gi revealed to the waiting media, “I will soon be appearing in a drama.”

20090220_seunggi_1The words straight from Seung Gi‘s mouth has more or less confirmed that he is indeed taking on the leading role for SBS weekend drama Life is Beautiful, starring opposite actress Han Hyo Joo. The premiere will be on 18th April and is the follow-up drama to Family’s Honor. This will be his comeback drama in 3 years after his last drama, Famous Princesses in 2006. Seung Gi also has plans to release an album this year and hopes that fans will continue to support him. No mention was made about his variety show 1 Night 2 Days so it’s likely that he will continue to remain on the show while filming his drama.

Lee Seung Gi had enrolled in 2005 in Dongguk University, majoring in International Trade and Commerce. Unlike other celebrity stars, he took the normal path of graduating in 4 years, handling both his entertainment career and studies simulataneously and without suspending his studies even once. Seung Gi was also awarded the excellence PR award on this day.


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Lee Seung Gi Max CF


The concept for this commercial was titled, “You know it’s a delicious tasting beer just by looking at the color”. The commercial sees them decide between Max Beer and another competing brand just by looking at their colors, with Sun Ah picking the vibrant looking color of the earlier. The graduates also did a dorky looking beer dance (which was cute and funny btw) without any expressions on their faces through this short commercial.


Although Seung Gi and Sun Ah only met for the first time while filming for this commercial, but their natural couple acting showcased their professionalism. It was reported that they apparently got along so well that after filming had ended, their relationship had already progressed to the stage where they could have become sworn siblings!


Seung Gi‘s destiny with older women continues to rage even now. Probably just a coincidence. Both Kim Sun Ah and Lee Seung Gi who had just graduated from their respective universities last week had filmed a commercial for Max Beer recently. Jang Dong Gun been in the last 6 Max Beer commercials plus Crown J who appeared in one with him. But for the 7th commercial, Sun Ah and Seung Gi was picked instead.

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Lee Seung Gi in “Life is Beautiful”


Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo have been confirmed for SBS weekend drama Life is Beautiful which will replace Family’s Honor. According to a SBS staff, “Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo will play the leading roles for the follow-up drama to Family’s Honor, Life is Beautiful. Besides them, others that have been confirmed include Kim Mi Sook, Moon Chae Won and Bae Soo Bin. Family’s Honor will end on 18th April and we have some details that needs to be ironed out. But we will confirm all the cast members at the end of this month or early March.” Although no contract has been inked yet, the production company are confident that Lee Seung Gi will be in the show barring some minor details that need to be ironed out. As for Lee Seung Gi‘s management, they also confirmed that despite the non-agreement as yet, they are actively pursuing for Lee Seung Gi‘s involvement and the possibility of it happening is high. Life is Beautiful is drama focusing on the love and trials of the 20 year old generation. If Lee Seung Gi does take the role, it will be almost 3 years since his last drama for KBS2TV, daily drama Famous Princesses in 2006. He was supposed to play Iljimae in MBC’s Return of Iljimae and had even trained hard for the role. But he decided against it in the end and chose to stay on KBS 1 Night 2 Days as it was impossible to accomodate both at the same time.

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KBS Ban SM Entertainment Artist


The Gossip that KBS and SM Entertainment had a fight has become a hot topic since the beginning of January. Its has been proven with the canceling of SNSD‘s comeback in KBS Music Bank. Several days ago, KBS still refuse about that and said SNSD performance would be delay till next week. But, on January 16, SNSD still not perform. SHINee performace also suddenly canceled. It is officially that KBS ban SM. This ban thing was caused by the absence of TVXQ and BoA on KBS Gayo Daechuk.


On last December 30 and 31, TVXQ were in Japan for the TBS Japan Record Award and NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. As a consequence, between those three year-end music program, they only could perform at SBS Gayo Daejun which held on December 29. But, there are some miscomunication between SM and KBS which relutingΒ  SHINee and Super Junior also could not perform in KBS Gayo Daechuk.

Annoyed by this thing, KBS decided to forbid SM artist to perform on Music Bank for a while. Luckily, SHINee has finished their repackaged AMIGO album promo. SNSD takes the toll because they are promoting their mini album “Gee“. Unfortunately, SNSD also cannot perform at Mnet M! Countdown because of some problems between SM and Mnet. Thereby, They only can promote on SBS Inki Gayo and MBC Music Core.

Tae Yeon, the leader of SNSD, was one of the candidates ofΒ  Seo In Young replacement as Music Bank host. Because of this ban thing, everything is canceled and the host position was placed by Park Eun Young.

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Rain Makes Sudden Attack Game More Popular


Last December, RAIN perform as one of Sudden Attack game character. In this game, RAIN wear a costum that looks like his looks when he promote Rainism, complete with his sun glass. Gamers have the opportunity to use this character as thier own character or as their opponent. According to Sudden Attack, This game users are increasing 20% as RAIN’s character publish.

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Kang In Debut in Zero Flawed Task Force Drama


Kang In, member ofΒ  Super Junior, is getting serious to explore his career as an actor. AfterΒ  Soonjung Manhwa movie, MBC’s reality show We Got Married, he will get more busy because of his new drama. Haja Squad Zero aka Zero Flawed Task Force will be his first drama.

Zero Flawed Task Force will be a story about a wedding planner company and wedding consultant. Lee Tae Sung play a manager role who have to deal with his incompetent employees. Kang In play as one of Lee Tae Sung’s employees who is innocent, naive, and like to read comic. This comedy drama also starring Lee Da In, Kim Hee Won, and Jay from The Trax. Before this, Hee Won has perform together with Kang In in Xanadu. On the other hand, Jay is a SM Entertainment artist too who also play in Mnet Band of Brothers with Kang In.

Zero Flawed Task Force will have 16 episodes and its copyright has been sold in Japan. This drama will broadcast every Saturday start February 14 on MBC’s cable TV Dramanet.

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Boys Before Flowers Behind The Scene

I found a great video about Boys Before Flowers. You should watch it if you are a Boys Before Flowers fan. Sorry I cannot copy the player here. So I just copy the link. Enjoy πŸ˜€

Boys Before Flowers Behind The Scene

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JYP Try To Find The Second Wonder Girls

When I watch Pops in Seoul today, I found out that JYP is having an audition or the next Wonder Girls. They said that this new group will debut on February… Hmm, I don’t think that this new group will be better than Wonder Girls because Wonder Girls is super freaking blast.

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Super Junior Happy MV

I am so falling in love with these MV. Both Super Junior Happy and the furniture that they use in these MV are very cute. Please read the sub carefully because you will know that the meaning of the story is very cute too. I can’t wait to watch their next MV. Super Junior Happy is the best Super Junior sub group for me. Kang In oppa hwaiting!!!



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Kim Hyun Joong Photos Part 2

Another great photos of him πŸ˜€


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